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Author Testimonials





"Cara did a fantastic job on the proofread of my series. I put her under ridiculous deadlines for the six books in the series that I released over the course of five weeks. I never missed a release date! Her work was amazing and accurate. I have yet to have any of my readers (or harshest critics) come back with - "Hey, I found this error on page xx" - which almost always happens, but not with Cara.


I will absolutely be using her on future projects and have recommended her services to some of my closest author friends due to the excellence of her work."


- Bella Roccaforte

"Cara did great work and was amazingly quick. She caught errors that another editor had missed. I will definitely be using her services again!"


- DK Holmberg


(Note: This was a post-publication proofread to correct errors)

"Cara Quinlan is an absolute angel. Her editing is top notch and I would be lost without it. 


She delivers a speedy service. I particularly appreciate that she gives you a clear time frame for the edits, and she has always sent them back to me ahead of schedule. As a writer who publishes her own work, I can’t stress how important and valuable that is. There is so much work to do in the process of publishing a book, but once I send a book to Cara for editing I know I have one less thing to panic and fret over.


Her edits are always in-depth and accurate and, as a result, my books are a better reading experience for my audience. I want to give my readers the very best book I possibly can, and with Cara’s help that’s possible. Her comments are always more than fair and she edits without interfering with or changing the style of my writing.


I really can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s truly a rockstar!"


- M.G. Morgan, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Cara did a fantastic job on the copy edit for my book.


I wrote a manuscript with a lot of humor and a great deal of technical explanations - she edited both flawlessly. Technical areas that I thought were crystal clear to the reader - she improved them immensely. I could really see a difference. 


More importantly, when making any edits or suggestions, she kept the writing in my voice, which was great and saved me a good deal of time.


I will certainly ask Cara to edit my next book later this year."


- Steve Margolis

"Cara Quinlan possesses the perfect balance of skill in editing and respect for the author's creative vision. From the first contact, when she explained her philosophy that she will make suggestions but it is up to me, the author, to decide what to accept and what to reject, I was reassured. I knew this was the person I would enjoy working with. I had no idea, however, what magic she was capable of as she carefully erased a blemish, energized a phrase, revealed an awkward interpretation (about a thousand times), and generally polished my manuscript until it shone.


I highly admire her skill, both in editing and in her gentle guidance, to make my novel the best it could be. Cara is grossly underpaid, though I shouldn't say that too loudly, and she is an absolute joy to work with. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with her." 


Thank you, Cara!


- Lana LaFortune

"Cara Quinlan was immensely helpful in revising and editing my book Church of Spilled Blood. She has an eye for detail, an ear for language, and a nose for mistakes. She suggested some revisions that made me slap my forehead and shout, “I should have seen that!” She made other suggestions that I did not initially agree with; then I took a second look and said to myself, “Hmmm. She’s on to something.” There was also a ripple effect in which her suggestions led to other improvements, and then to others. Thanks, Cara!"


- Jesse Miles

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