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Copywriting Samples

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Public Relations



From press releases and publicity kits to feature articles, public relations materials help keep your company in the eyes and ears of the media and your stakeholders.


Press Release: "Web Tool Aims to Improve the Workplace for Breast Cancer Survivors"

Press Release: "Advance LA Accepting Applications for the Summer College Institute"

Press Release: "Implantable Medical Device Is Designed to Warn Patients of Impending Heart Attack"

Feature Article: "Kids Like Me Classes Promote Social Skills Development in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Press Kit: Silverlining Designer Resale Boutique



Web Marketing



Some companies rely almost exclusively on online communications to reach their marketing goals. This can include email blasts to customers, a comprehensive website, and regular blog posts.


Blog Posts:






Email Marketing (Copy Only):




Print Marketing



Businesses use a variety of print marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and newsletters, to promote their product or service to their target audience.















Direct Mail



If your goal is to communicate with potential customers based on location, demographics, or buying habits, direct mail may be a good option. Whether it be in the form of a postcard, fundraising or sales letter, or catalog, direct mail is a great way to reach your target audience directly.


Direct Mail Letter: Fundraising Event

Direct Mail Letter: Request for Referrals

Direct Mail Letter: Request for Donations




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