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Line Editing 





Line editing takes your manuscript to the next level, helping to enhance your writing and make it as engaging as possible for your readers. During the line editing process, every word of your manuscript will be evaluated to ensure that the work as a whole is presented in its best light. Line editing includes all elements of basic copy editing, and also


  • Eliminates wordiness, phrase repetition, and overused jargon

  • Flags areas where the narrative needs strengthened

  • Restructures awkward sentences to improve flow and readability

  • Ensures that dialogue is natural and convincing

  • Corrects errors in sequencing and tense

  • Suggests or implements improvements to prose (e.g., descriptive language, enhanced details)

  • Keeps the writing tight and polished


All edits are made using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word.


Pricing Information: $.0145 per word for a two-pass edit (line edit + proofread)

Please submit your manuscript for an accurate price quote. If the full manuscript is not yet available, you may send a sample. Complimentary sample edits are available upon request.





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