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Editing Services





I offer three types of editing services, depending on the level of attention that your manuscript needs. If you aren't sure which service best applies to you, contact me for a complimentary assessment.




This final check for surface-level errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word usage is a must for all authors who want to deliver a polished finished product to their readers. A thorough read-through is  conducted to ensure the maximum number of errors are caught.

Copy Editing



This highly technical, nitty-gritty stage of editing primarily ensures that your writing is grammatically sound, but also focuses heavily on syntax and sentence structure to present a manuscript that flows well and provides an enjoyable reading experience. 

Line Editing



This rigorous evaluation challenges every word, sentence, and paragraph in your manuscript and delves deep into the writing process to bring out your best work. Line editing enhances the prose, suggests stylistic choices, and helps to make your writing as engaging as possible.

For authors seeking advice on plot, story flow, character development, and other big-picture analyses, please note that I do not provide content or developmental editing services.

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